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Rekrutacja letnia - rok akademicki 2023-2024

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Business analytics (BA)

Jednostka organizacyjna Wydział Ekonomiczny
Kierunek studiów Business analytics
Forma studiów Stacjonarne
Poziom kształcenia Pierwszego stopnia
Profil studiów ogólnoakademicki
Języki wykładowe angielski
Limit miejsc 24
Czas trwania 3 lata
Wymagany dokument
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Minione tury w tej rekrutacji:
  • Tura 1 (17.04.2023 00:00 – 30.09.2023 23:59)

Miejsce przyjmowania dokumentów:

Wydziałowa Komisja Rekrutacyjna

Wydział Ekonomiczny UMCS

Pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 5

20-031 Lublin

sala A3

tel. 81 537-78-60

Godziny przyjmowania dokumentów: 9:00-14:00

Business Analytics combines information technology and business knowledge to make an ideal study option with guaranty of ambition career perspective and satisfaction from studying. It is the combination of academic rigor and practical relevance utilized for the management decision supporting based on machine and mind approach. It is about utilizing a practical statistics and data mining and modeling in order to deliver a new insight for the business. It is about the influence through business intelligence for the most important processes in enterprise, as strategical planning, running data processing and operational management.

Students will not only be trained in the field of data analysis and business intelligence in terms of high professional skills but will also become part of the multicultural society of the university campus. The choice of elective modules allows you to customize the program to meet your personal career ambitions. During their studies students will develop skills needed in the work of an analyst (e.g. Analytical Project, Soft Skills and Communication Training, Business Simulation). The program is practical, i.e. to a large extent it is based on experience of business practitioners and problem solving related to business practice. It includes a 3-month work placement that allows students to gain professional practical experience during their studies. Students will be introduced, among others, to business simulations reflecting the dynamics of economic processes that will help them make decisions and observe results. The program of the course draws on extensive use of online database available for students of the Faculty of Economics.

A graduate of Business Analytics may find employment in a variety of industries and business entities (e.g. enterprises, banks insurance companies, research centers, marketing agencies and consulting firms) in the following positions: Business Analyst, Database Analyst, Financial Analyst, Business Operations Analyst, Market Research Analyst. They can also continue studies in Data Science (MA). The program is dedicated mainly to foreigners.

Qualification rules

The programme is addressed to candidates holding a Bachelor degree or any other equivalent degree which grants a direct access to a Bachelor’s degree program in the country where the document was issued. Prospective students must register online in the UMCS Recruitment System and file all the necessary documents within the deadline or until all the spots available have been filled. List of required documents: Application documents-Bachelor - UMCS Rekrutacja

In order to be eligible for a program taught in English, candidates must demonstrate that they meet English requirements for a given program.

1. Submit one of the documents listed here: https://rekrutacja.umcs.pl/en/language-proficiency-certifications/


2. Send an email to: studyinenglish@umcs.pl to register for an online English language interview.  

The required registration fee payment is PLN 85. Please check the instruction on how to make a payment in the system. 

Candidates applying to study on a fee-paying basis: 

1st year € 2500

2nd year € 2500

3rd year € 2500

Polish and EU citizens as well as other candidates following the regulations pertaining to Polish citizens can study free of charge within the set limit of available places. There are 1 place offered without the tuition fee for such candidates. Admission will  be granted on a "first come, first served" basis until available places have been filled.

Recruitment timetable for studies free of chargé:

17 April - start of online registration

8 July - closing of registration and payment of recruitment fees by candidates

17 - 21 July - delivery of documents at places designated by faculty deans and communicated to candidates in the IRK system


More information: http://www.datascience.umcs.pl  

Inquiries about course content, structure and syllabus: study-at-economics@mail.umcs.pl  

Admission inquiries: studyinenglish@umcs.pl