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Recruitment for academic year 2023/2024

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New programmes - 2023


How to register?

Video manual on how to register in the Online Application System

1. Create an account in our Online Application System.

2. Complete personal details and educational information.

3. Sign up for the chosen study programme and check if there are any additional requirements/conditions.

4. Make the application fee payment. (details)

5. Upload the necessary documents

            a. for Bachelor’s degree programme

            b. for the Master’s degree programme

Note: If you do not possess the language certificate confirming your English skills please contact the UMCS Admissions Office to arrange the online language interview.


6. Send a message using the recruitment system messages module or an email to UMCS Admissions Office at with information that you finalized your online application and that you would like to start the reviewing procedure. Please include:

  • applicant’s name and surname,
  • chosen study programme name,
  • registration number.


Important dates

17 April 2023 – the application system 

September 2023 – deadline for application for tuition-fee studies (or the time when all free spots are taken for the study programme)

Note: You have to check the additional requirements for some programmes (for example when you apply for MA in Intercultural communication in education and the workplace and MA in Graphic Arts).


Contact details – UMCS Admissions Office

plac M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 5, 20-031 Lublin

e-mail:, tel. +48 81 519 464 828 (Whats App), +48 81 537 58 80


Social media



Instagram: umcs_admissionsoffice


Important information


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