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Rekrutacja letnia - rok akademicki 2023-2024

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Sustainability management

Jednostka organizacyjna Wydział Biologii i Biotechnologii
Kierunek studiów Sustainability management
Forma studiów Stacjonarne
Poziom kształcenia Pierwszego stopnia
Profil studiów ogólnoakademicki
Języki wykładowe angielski
Limit miejsc 15
Czas trwania 3 lata
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Tura 1 (17.04.2023 00:00 – 30.09.2023 23:59)

The aim of our Sustainability Management BSc programme is to prepare sustainability specialists, managers and experts, successfully implement solutions that help to achieve business and social development goals without depletion of natural resources. You will gain the most up-to-date knowledge and practical skills within the courses related to the environment (including climate change and its consequences, natural hazards, water management problems, waste management, responsible management of environmental resources, protection of natural ecosystems and biodiversity); socio-economic issues (focused on specific models of economic development and social life, the impact of environmental changes on social interactions); management (management and leadership as mechanisms of planning and implementation of tasks).

The programme is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations. It delivers a curriculum balanced between environmental strategies and socio-economic development and is consistent with the state-of-the-art and the priorities of the European Union policy (Green Deal, Circular Bioeconomy, Digital Transformation, Jobs & Growth, Social Protection & Health). In particular, the programme focuses on such issues as biodiversity, climate change, smart agriculture and food production, sustainable tourism and urban development.

Our graduates will be ready to forecast and identify the most pressing problems of the contemporary world, analyse them, and evaluate ecological and human risks. They will also be able to design solutions to various crisis situations in the human environment-related, among others, to climate change, natural disasters, water resource deficits, ecosystem transformation, biodiversity reduction, energy security, etc. The graduates will be prepared to work in all types of organizations, companies and institutions that aim to build more environmentally friendly practices at the local, state and global levels. They may be employed as analysts, consultants, planners, managers, directors or educators. In particular, graduates are expected to be engaged in biological, chemical, hydrological, water and wastewater and waste laboratories; local and state government and non-governmental organisations, agencies and departments monitoring, organizing and supporting activities for sustainable development, and educational institutions of all levels.

We offer an interdisciplinary and complex approach to the sustainability idea and integrate environmental, social sciences and civil engineering to make the earth more sustainable. Academic staff involved in the programme is a multidisciplinary team of experts from various Faculties of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (including the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management, the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Economics), as well as from the Lublin University of Technology and the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. Moreover, we ensure individual learning pathways – you might be able to choose between tracks offering specialization in the following areas: Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Governance, Energy and Technology for Sustainable Development, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production, Sustainable Urban Development, Crisis and Disaster Management.

The Sustainability Management BSc programme is delivered in compliance with European teaching standards. Therefore, our graduates may choose to continue studying at the master’s degree level at UMCS or elsewhere in Poland or in the European Union countries.

The study programme does not include an internship. 

Course structure



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Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology


Qualification rules

The programme is addressed to candidates holding high school diploma or any other equivalent degree which entitles to undertake the Bachelor degree programme in the country where the documents were issued and offered on a fee-paying basis. Admission of candidates is based on a highest final grade in one of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography or Mathematics taken in the secondary school leaving examination.

Prospective students should register online in the Online Registration System and complete all the necessary documents within the deadline or until all the vacancies are filled. List of required documents: Application documents-Bachelor - UMCS Rekrutacja

It is mandatory to pay the registration fee. In order to be eligible for a programme taught in English, candidates must demonstrate that they meet the English requirements for a given programme.

1. Submit one of the documents listed here: https://rekrutacja.umcs.pl/en/language-proficiency-certifications/


2. Send an email to: studyinenglish@umcs.pl to register for online English language interview. 

The required registration fee payment is PLN 85. Please check the instruction on how to make a payment in the system. 

Tuition fee:
1st year € 3000
2nd year € 3000 
3rd year € 2000

Enquiries about course content, structure and syllabus: contact person: Małgorzata Wójcik malgorzata.wojcik@mail.umcs.pl 

Admission enquiries: studyinenglish@umcs.pl