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Rekrutacja letnia - rok akademicki 2023-2024

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Chemistry, specialization: Materials Chemistry (MSc)

Jednostka organizacyjna Wydział Chemii
Kierunek studiów Chemistry
Forma studiów Stacjonarne
Poziom kształcenia Drugiego stopnia
Profil studiów ogólnoakademicki
Języki wykładowe angielski
Limit miejsc 25
Wymagany dokument
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Minione tury w tej rekrutacji:
  • Tura 1 (17.04.2023 00:00 – 30.09.2023 23:59)

Miejsce przyjmowania dokumentów:

plac Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 2, budynek A (Mała Chemia), sala M (1 piętro)

Godziny: 9:00-14:00 


telefon: 81-537-77-50

The two-year master study programme is designed for graduates of the bachelor study programmes. Students are to expand their knowledge within chemistry and the chosen major/specialization.

Graduates of the master studies should have basic theoretical knowledge and skills allowing them to solve problems involving chemistry (also in non-standard situations). They should also be able to give opinions on the basis of incomplete or limited information while obeying legal and ethical principles.

Moreover, graduates ought to debate about chemistry both with specialists as well as amateurs in this field and be able to be leaders of teamwork. Graduates ought to have skills enabling them to work in chemical industry and related areas, state and municipal administration and be prepared for working in education (after completing teaching specialty). Graduates should be ready to take up research challenges and start education on PhD studies.

International accreditation certificate Chemistry Euromaster® for the second-cycle study program in the field of Chemistry awarded by the ECTN (European Chemistry Thematic Network Association).

Certificate of Excellence in Education in the category "Partner for development - excellence in cooperation with the socio-economic environment" for the study program in the field of Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry, UMCS awarded by the Polish Accreditation Committee.

Qualification rules

The program is addressed to candidates holding a Bachelor degree or any other equivalent degree in the similar field of studies and offered on a fee-paying basis. Prospective students register online in the Online Registration System and file all the necessary documents within the deadline or until all the places available have been filled. List of required documents: https://rekrutacja.umcs.pl/en/how-to-apply/application-documents-bachelor-2/ 

The qualification procedure will be based on the arithmetic mean of marks (up to two decimal points) obtained from all final marks during the B.Sc. or B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies.

Graduates from all fields of studies, where they have covered at least 330 hours of basic and major subjects including Mathematics – 30, Physics – 20, Chemistry 280.

In order to be eligible for a programme taught in English, candidates must demonstrate that they meet English requirements for a given programme.

1. Submit one of the documents listed here: https://rekrutacja.umcs.pl/en/language-proficiency-certifications/


2. Send an email to UMCS Admissions Office: studyinenglish@umcs.pl   to register for an online English language interview. 

The required registration fee payment is PLN 85. Please check the instruction on how to make a payment in the system. 

Tuition fee:
1st year € 2200
2nd year € 2000 

Enquiries about course content, structure and syllabus: chemia@umcs.pl

Admission enquiries: studyinenglish@umcs.pl