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Rekrutacja letnia - rok akademicki 2023-2024

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International relations (BA)

Jednostka organizacyjna Wydział Politologii i Dziennikarstwa
Kierunek studiów International relations
Forma studiów Stacjonarne
Poziom kształcenia Pierwszego stopnia
Profil studiów ogólnoakademicki
Języki wykładowe angielski
Limit miejsc 47
Czas trwania 3 lata
Wymagany dokument
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Minione tury w tej rekrutacji:
  • Tura 1 (17.04.2023 00:00 – 30.09.2023 23:59)

Why is it worth studying "international relations"?

The modern world is changing faster, is more complex and unpredictable. Its feature is the occurrence of opposing processes, tendencies and phenomena. On the one hand, the Covid-19 pandemic, followed by Russia's aggression against Ukraine, accelerated the change in the geopolitical space of the globe, the emergence of an international order in an unpredictable direction. On the other hand, globalization processes make geographical distances irrelevant to many international phenomena. In contrast to past eras, distance and time have ceased to be a barrier to social contacts. This is confirmed in particular by the specific space of social life called cyberspace. In this changing world, increasing climate change, states and societies are becoming more and more interdependent, conditioning each other's functioning, and what is global is directly connected with what is local, affecting not only "great politics" but also the individual fate of each of them. us. Understanding the world, knowledge about it and the ability to behave in it is essential today for the functioning of countries, regions, local communities and each of us.

Studies in the field of "international relations" at UMCS provide knowledge and skills to analyze the changing world, its explanation and understanding of relations between states, international organizations, non-state actors, as well as processes taking place in the international environment.

Why is it worth studying "international relations" at UMCS?

The didactic process reflects the tradition of over 60 years of researching  international  at UMCS with the uniqueness called the "Lublin school of international relations". We give education in this field a unique, distinguishing identity. Firstly, it is the uniqueness of the content of education. We understand international relations as multi-faceted (political, economic, social, cultural, military, ecological, etc.) and multi-level (globe, region, country) cross-border activities and processes. They are reflected in the content of education with a focus on the phenomenon of change. Secondly, we internationalize education by engaging foreign lecturers, giving the opportunity to study at partner universities under the Erasmus programme. Thirdly, we give you the opportunity to choose from numerous specialties and optional subjects. Fourthly, we are proud that this field of study is the only one in Poland among public universities to have an outstanding rating of the Polish Accreditation Committee. This guarantees you get the best education.

 Specialties offered:

Global Economy,

Regional Studies - Central East Europe

Regional Studies- Asia and Pacific


 Attractiveness of the study process:

• classes with scientists from all over the world (visiting professors),

• student exchange programs (Erasmus),

• study trips to state institutions dealing with foreign policy, international organizations,

• meetings with well-known and interesting people of politics, diplomacy, media and culture,

• attractive domestic and foreign apprenticeships and internships,

• developing interests in scientific clubs,

• Oxford debates,

• possibility of occasional work,

• the possibility of practicing sports,

• activity in the student government,

• trainings and courses organized by the UMCS Competence Development Office,

• developing your ideas in the Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship,


Qualification rules

The programme is addressed to candidates holding high school diploma or any other equivalent degree which grants a direct access to a Bachelor’s degree program in the country where the document was issued. Admission of candidates is based on an average of grades obtained during secondary school. Prospective students register online in the online registration system and file all the necessary documents within the deadline or until all the places available have been filled. List of required documents: Application documents-Bachelor - UMCS Rekrutacja

In order to be eligible for a programme taught in English, candidates must demonstrate that they meet English requirements for a given programme.

1. Submit one of the document listed here: https://rekrutacja.umcs.pl/en/language-proficiency-certifications/


2. Send an email to: studyinenglish@umcs.pl  to register for online English language interview. 

The required registration fee payment is PLN 85. Please check the instruction on how to make a payment in the system. 

Tuition fee:

1st year € 2200

2nd year € 2000

3rd year € 2000


Enquiries about course content, structure and syllabus: international.relations@umcs.pl

Admission enquiries: studyinenglish@umcs.pl